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Apr 6, 2004
Hi all, since I'm new to the boards (Although I've been browsing) I'll give you a little bit of history to my questions :)

1) Went to the doctor 4 months ago. Bad news- High Cholesterol.

Total cholesterol: 242
Triglycerides: 83
HDL: 53
and (YIKES) :172

OK, this didn't surprise me. My dad has high cholesterol.

I'm male, 120 lbs, 5'7". Doc looks at me and says: "I hesistate to put you on any diet at all." (hah!) Anyway- he gives me the basic "lower your cholesterol" diet but if I were to follow that I'd probably blow away with the next strong breeze. Instead I do a couple of things: I start being less sedate and go to the gym AND I start watching my diet. Instead of the strict regimen given to me, I cut out most fatty foods, stop drinking soda, watch the foods that might spike my glycemic index (white breads etc.), and elimate all transfatty stuff (the snacks we all love). I also begin taking 1000mg of Fish Oil per day. I look foward to my second blood test to affirm that all of these measures are helping.

2) 3 months later: Nurse calls me up. "I have some bad news, and I have some bad news." Apparently all of my dieting and exercise have been for naught. Bad news 1: cholesterol hasn't gone down. Bad news 2: it's actually popped up another 10 points. Terrible!

3) Doc wants to put me on Lipitor- just 10mg a day. However since I don't want to contribute to overall decline of the health care of our nation, I tell the doc to give me another 3 months to try alternatives to going on the prescription drug rolls. He agrees.

4) My plan: I have just bought Riz-Strol. After browsing these boards, it seems to have yielded the best results with the fewest number of scary side effects. Here's what it is:

500 mg red yeast rice
100 mg Guggulipd Extract
75 mg Artichoke Extract
10 mg Grape Seed Extract
5 mg Garlic powder Extract 100:1

I plan on taking this 3x a day according to the bottle for 21 days. It then says to lay off the stuff of 7 days and then resume. I will probably resume with only 2x a day.

1) Is there anything that I should be taking to offset any potential damage or side effects that this Riz-Strol might do? I know that some people take pills to guard against what the statins do to their system- is it like CoQ or something? Should I be taking something like that concurrently?

2) What IS this stuff? Browsing the boards it SEEMED like Riz-strol actually contained the same stuff as lovistatin: is that true? Is this just a cheaper and more natural way of getting the same stuff as in the prescription meds? If so, I LIKE it! -
Anyway- from what I gathered IT SEEMED like Riz-strol contained 2.5 mg lovistatin per caplet... correct me if I'm wrong.

3) What do you think of my plan? I kind of wanted to do the least bit of pill popping for the maximum effect. Since it's been proven that my diet really isn't effecting my serum cholesterol, I'm going to go back to eating normal-like with a few exeptions: I'm still watching transfats and cutting back on obvious offenders (no shellfish, etc). I didn't want to be too Spartan but I'm not going to go and disregard diet altogether. Also, I didn't want to take 15 pills a day, so I thought that I'd start with Riz-Strol since people seem to have been getting some pretty maximum results from it with the least amount of possible side effects (whenever people mention "flushing" it creeps me out- I don't know what it is, but it doesn't sound good and I don't want it happening to me!)


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