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The worrisome bis are the triglycerides and the HDL. Is niacin alone going to improve this? I'm wondering if perhaps adding policosanol will help, or if there's anything else we can do. He's about 30 pounds overweight (though he's been trying to eat better and losing about a pound a week lately) and pretty sedentary. I had no idea low HDL was such a major problem until all this.


Zip and jblondi have already told you some things that will greatly help. The following combination took my TGs from 600+ mg/dL down to 40 mg/dL unmedicated, and my HDL from 25 mg/dL up to 70 mg/dL.

1. Loss of weight (from 227 to 160 lbs)
2. Daily exercise, I use minimally 22-24 min of running (3.1 mile run) every morning.
3. I try to walk whenever I can, after lunch, after dinner, if I can fit it in.
4. Addition of fish oil and incorporation of more fish into my diet
5. I did take Niaspan, but it affected my liver. I take now a low amount of niacin supplement.

The top three are the ones that I feel (in my case) made the largest impact. As jblondi said, he may not want to hear it, but exercise is extemely important--even if it's just walking. I am not trying to say that you need to go from sedentary to marathon runner to succeed; my HDL reached 44 mg/dL just from adding walking and losing weight. However, the last jump came when I started to incorporate running.

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