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I, too, am a refugee from statins, specifically Lipitor and Zocor. The muscle pain was really bad with Zocor.

Along with diet & exercise, niacin supplementation in the 1 gram - 2 gram per day is effective in some people. To avoid the nasty niacin flush, it is best to use a time release niacin which usually gives a mild tingle.

Alternatively, you might want to investigate Policosanol (rice wax), Trimethylglycine, and Pantethine (not Pantothenic Acid), all available at health food stores. I have used this combination to control mine to very acceptable levels WITHOUT the muscle pain associated with the statins. Be sure to check into CoQ10 also, as Policosanol will deplete those stores just like the statins.

Actually, the homocysteine levels are a better indicator of cardiac problems than cholesterol. But you will find few doctors that really understand, since most are kept up to date by the pharmaceutical companies. Homocysteine is more expensive to test, but easily controlled with an ample amount of folic acid, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. There is a prescription drug for high homocysteine, it is called "Foltx" - it is just an increased dosage of these vitamins.

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