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I am 23, exercise daily, and eat a vegetarian diet with little fats, lots of whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Nor do i have a family history of high cholesterol, but recently at a wellness fair I had my cholesterol checked for the first time and it was 197, which I was told was high for someone of my age. Does anyone know a possible cause for this and how can I lower it? Someone suggested it could be the birth control I am on...has anyone heard of it causing higher cholesterol levels?
Your total cholesterol is only part of the story. Do you have other numbers available--LDL, HDL and Trigs? The 197 sounds pretty good , but we need to know more. As far as I know, estrogen lowers cholesterol.
I'm also trying to figure out why I have such high cholesterol . I'm 26, get plenty of exercise and try to eat healthy. I was tested 1 1/2 months ago, w/o fasting and it was 235! The doc put me on a low cholesterol and high fiber (for IBS) diet. I've lost 8lbs since I started the diet (which is nice, I can afford to loose it,lol)...but... Last week I fasted for 18 hours, then had my cholesterol rechecked. It's now up to 266!! The nurse didn't give me any other #'s. I go to see the doc next week, and I'll ask for them. I'm curious as to why it's so high. I am on 2 meds, but I don't think they could effect it, but I'm going to ask. I'll post the other #'s when I get them and maybe someone can give me advice! :)
Hi, Could be just a genetic thing. I have very high cholesterol numbers. I am thin, atheletic ect... My 2 sons both in their 20s (thin, and in shape) also have very high numbers. One of my son's decided to try "diet". He went on a "vegan" diet, for 6 wks and then had his cholesterol rechecked, it went up 50 points. I am on Crestor. It is working great!
Saw my doc today. He says that he thinks my high cholesterol is heriditery, as both my parents also have high cholesterol. I have changed my diet dramatically, and also exercising daily. When first checked w/o fasting my level was 235. A month later I was tested again and here was the results:

Total Cholesterol: 266
HDL: 34
LDL: 181

I have lost 10lbs since starting the diet, and feel great about that. But, the doc said my levels were very bad. He put me on Zocor today, and I'm being tested again in a month to see if it helps. Anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do to lower my cholesterol? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
I'm from a family of 14 and a lot of my siblings have mega-high cholesterol. My brother in Wyoming had a cholesterol of 600 prior to going on medication and my brother in Omaha had a count of 800 prior to doing meds. My own count has been has high as 364 - the last time I was tested it was at 329. I'm 46, weigh perhaps 10 lbs more than I should and get tons of exercize. Also don't do much red meat,avoid dairy, etc. Some families are genetically predisposed to high cholesterol. Some of my siblings take medication, others don't and so far no one has had a heart attack or stroke. I'd like to find someone willing to do a study on us, actually. Suggestions for lowering your cholesterol, other than exercize and diet, include the red wine treatment (a glass a day - it seems to help but not a great deal) and fish oil/omega 3 and omega 5 supplements. Estrogen protects the heart until menopause, after that females with high cholesterol may want to think about a low dosage estrogen pill. If anyone knows of a doctor or clinic or researcher who is doing studies on high cholesterol, I think I could get my siblings to be part of it. Good luck!
Hi, I know we can do everything right, and still have high cholesterol. I am a bit of a control freak, and thought I was doing everything right. I had lost 30 pounds and started an exercise program in order to control my "pre diabetic" condition , and I avoided taking any sort of insulin. When the dr. told me I had VERY HIGH cholesterol (total 641) I was blown away! I really struggled with that issue, of taking meds. This verse out of Proverbs (Holy Bible) 22:3 really spoke to me. It says A prudent man foresees danger and takes precautions; the simpleton goes blindly ahead and suffers the consequences. I learned a lesson of sort...somethings we can control some things we can not. I am thankful for the miracle of medicine.

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