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It's interesting that this topic is currently being discussed havine just run across this very issue a few days ago. I was at the hospital doing my weekly thing and visited with a patient on the floor who was in there because he had just had an MI at the age of 40. The guy was relatively athletic (not daily, but in decent shape through playing organized sports). He had no family history of early age heart disease, no hypertension, and decent but not completely ideal cholesterol (<200 mg/dL total). His only two risk factors were low HDL-C (33 mg/dL) and 20 years of smoking.

Needless to say, he is giving up smoking. It was alarming to see another one so young with CHD; however as pointed out already, the smoking might have decreased his HDL and therefore is the primary culprit. The disclaimer, though, is that he has not had any of the novel risk factors examined (hs-CRP, homocysteine)...

The other item of interest was that his CPK after the MI topped at 7800 or some incredibly high value around there... he could not recall what his troponin reached though.

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