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I think you will do far better with the Crestor than with the Pravachol.
Probably the 10 mg will even be more than you need and Crestor is usually VERY effective even at 5 mg. doses.

Thanks for the tips on the policosanol...I won't bother adding it to my Lipitor-cod liver oil-lecithin regimen (LDL 95... HDL 58.)

Personally, I wouldn't put too much stock in those home "total cholesterol only" self-tests. Remember that 1/5 of Triglycerides shows up in total cholesterol and that a buried high triglyceride might LOOK like the policosanol negating your pravachol....on the other hand, perhaps there really is a real interaction between the two.[/QUOTE]

You're right...My research has shown that the 5 mg dose is VERY effective. What I've decided to do is take 10 mg 3X a week and 5mg 4X a week....the equivalent of 7 mg overall. I'll get a blood test in a month or so. My goal is around 150 total with LDL in the 70-90 range. If my total is under 150, I'll go to 5mg daily.
As far as the home test, I use CardioChek which tests for TC, HDL and TG using different test strips for each. It's actually used by Dr's in their office (PA version) and is supposed to be quite accurate. I'm getting the results of my last blood test tomorrow. I took the home test 2 hrs prior, so I'll be able to compare the results for the first time. I'll post results here.
BTW, you #'s look fantastic! Good work. :D

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