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How much flax seed oil do you take? I'm getting great benefits from eating ground flax seed, a half cup a day, which has about one to one and a half tablespoons of oil in it. I've heard flax will lower your cholestterol. I'm not sure how much. I would bet of the three things you're taking the flax seed oil is helping the most. I'm not familiar with the others. If you buy the seeds yourself and grind them you will save a lot of money. I use a coffee grinder. It grinds them good. You dont' have to grind them to the consistency of powder. I add them to my oats and cook for ten minutes. They're great. They are helping me a lot with allergies, asthma, depression and anxiety. I'm off all meds right now. I'm looking forward to a future without high cholesterol and heart disease. I eat other healthy things and i exercise a lot. This is not a guarantee I'll not have problems, but I feel good about doing what I can to help myself instead of relying on doctors and drugs.

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