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[QUOTE=CassV]You think its amazing, you should see my Dr.s face. All I know is the results dont' lie and yes, it did work. I still take the CoQ10 b/c I am not a young girl anymore. :) Another reason I feared Lipitor is b/c they kept increasing it (b /c it wasn't doing anything) and talked about liver damage. I thank you ;)
I also feel badly for the people who do not know that these statin drugs affect your COQ10 or even what it is. I didn't until someone gave me the research. My doctor sure didn't mention it.
thanks for reading.[/QUOTE]

The only thing I can figure out is that the [FONT=Arial Black]OILS[/FONT] reduced your very high (575) triglycerides substantialy. What were your triglyceride #s this time? If you reduced them by around 400pts (to say 175), then that would account for 80pts of your 100 pt drop in total cholesterol (you take the Triglyceride#/5). I just don't any other way that those supplements could have lowered your TC. They have little if any effect on LDL ("bad") or HDL ("good").

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