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....last year I took policosanol for 4 months solid (June-Sept). I didn't get my cholesterol numbers done at the end of Sept, since I had alot on my plate, so to speak at that time. Does policosanol work?? It just depends whom you listen to. Some say yes and some say no. The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes: You will just have to try it personally and see what the results are. I took a daily dose of 18 mgs.

My question to you is....does or did red yeast rice lower or raise your HDL levels?? At the time I started policosanol, I was discouraged from taking RYR since a few sources said it lowers TC & LDL only and in many cases lowers also HDL. My HDL levels are not good, so that alone discouraged me. I had zero side effects with policosanol by the way.

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