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Karefree I would recommend the fish oil as well. I could not take it because of the burps but I have not tried the brand suggested by the other poster.
Your total cholesterol is figured by HDL+LDL+trigs/5. Your risk factor comparing your total to your HDL is a little bit higher than recommended. You are at 4.85 and I believe they like for us to shoot for 4 or below. Your risk ratio is determined by dividing your cholesterol by your HDL.
Yes, I was fooled by my own body. I am not diabetic, normal bp, non-smoker never was a smoker, slightly overweight, family history of heart disease. I had a blockage at the top of the left anterior descending 75%(widow maker) that would have probably taken my life if I had not been persistent. The doctors just would not believe me when I told them that it was my heart causing me chest pain. I think they finally did the cath because I kept going to my doctor and the emergency room many times for 6 weeks. They fixed it with a stent which within three months caused a scar that blocked to about 97% causing me to need emergency single vessel heart bypass. Even then they really didn't believe when I said the chest pain had returned. I actually walked to the cath lab. That could have cost me my life. I guess it just wasn't my time to go!
As far as fruit goes eat whole fruit. You might see if you can find a book that has the glycemic index of foods. Watermelon is a higher glycemic index fruit than say an apple or orange. Also just because bread is brown doesn't mean it's whole grain. If the ingredients say enriched flour it is white flour that has just been colored brown.

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