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If you search in the diabetes forum, you will find a bunch of posts by people with diet recommendations for controlling their diabetes.

I don't know about your situation with respect to exercise, diet and current weight, so my advice may not apply to you. I can tell you that in my case (as in cases of other type II's) that you will see a huge improvement in control, and reduction of fasting glucose levels, with weight loss and regular exercise.

About 80 lbs heavier and with a sedentary lifestyle, I had triglycerides > 600 mg/dL, a fasting glucose of 348 and 328 mg/dL, and an HDL of 25. Diet, exercise and the proper weight now keeps my triglycerides in the 30-40 mg/dL range, fasting glucose near 80 mg/dL, and an HDL of 60+ mg/dL. I can eat desserts as any non-diabetic and my post-prandial glucose is never > 140 mg/dL, at any time now.

It's not going to be easy, and there is always a chance that even with the modifications above you might still need oral meds. However, it's worth it to all you can do to impact the condition, if you have room to improve in any of the areas above.

Diabetes is not a disease to take lightly, or cut corners with. I found that out the hard way and paid the price at age 35 when I had my heart attack.

My life is many times more rewarding now, with this healthy lifestyle.

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