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Your glucose is 87 mg/dL; which is normal for a non-diabetic (> 126 mg/dL diabetic, > 110 mg/dL impaired glucose tolerance).

Your triglycerides are 80 mg/dL (normal is < 155 mg/dL). Your VLDL component is then estimated at 16 mg/dL (see below).

Your HDL-C (good cholesterol) is 54 mg/dL. (< 40 mg/dL implicates increased risk for heart disease, 40-59 mg/dL average, > 60 mg/dL decreased risk).

Your total cholesterol is 229 mg/dL. (This is mildly elevated according to reference ranges, where it is preferable to be < 200 mg/dL).

The ratio of total to HDL (229/54) = 4.2. (The lower the ratio, the less risk)

Your LDL is calculated by "whats left over" based upon Your total - HDL -VLDL. So 229-54-16=159 mg/dL. This is your bad cholesterol. (For those without familial history, it is preferable to have this < 130 mg/dL, and for those of us that have had our events, < 100 mg/dL).

The 229 mg/dL is what resulted in the "mild elevation" statement that you were issued in summary.

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