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[QUOTE=rahod]I can't comment on your particular situation...are you SURE that the 102 figure is not LDL...with the former of 192 being TOTAL? Anyway...a drop of 30% in a couple weeks WITHOUT a stain is highly unlikely...even with diet and supplements. I suppose high dose niacin *could* accomplish that. That's why I made the statement that only a statin could drop total cholesterol 30%. I will concede though, that diet and supplements *might* accomplish the same, but moving from 230 to 160 is a lot more difficult than moving from 300 to 220. Just my humble opinion :D[/QUOTE]

Positive that the 102 mg/dL was total, my next measurement had me at 96 mg/dL--my LDL was around 51 mg/dL for the latter test, HDL was 37 and TG 38 mg/dL, from what I can recall. That is a testament to what going from an extremely high fat diet to one that had almost no fat in it (esp not sat fats) could do. Then again, as you said, this is in my case, and not everyone may be as fortunate. I suppose that those with a genetic makeup that results in dysfunctionally high LDL might not be able to play this game. For me, I don't think I could have a) been any more sedentary, nor b) consumed any worse of a diet than I was. My LDL was rarely > 100 mg/dL ever, and my HDL was usually in the 20-30s; it was high triglycerides that impacted significantly my total value. Niaspan's largest benefit comes to an increase in HDL, with modest TG reduction (in edit: apparently the TG reduction in both niacin and fibrates are about equiv., both impart minor decrease in LDL); whereas Tricor will substantially drop TG and give a modest raise to HDL. Therefore statins (in some with high LDL) or fenofibrate (in someone with high TG) may cause the impact you mentioned initially. Remember though, in my case, I actually came off of the Tricor, rather than went on it, when the change was effected (primarily through diet--see below).

I thought of another way we can look it. Can triglycerides be impacted in a few weeks? I would bet that most people here will agree, through their own experience, that the answer is "yes". At one point my TG was in excess of 600 mg/dL, then it was 80 mg/dL. That change alone will drop > 100 mg/dL off the total cholesterol....

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