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:wave: My shoulder is still hurting me. Since I am taking lipitor, thought I had better get it checked out.

I won't get my results until July 15. I have been doing some reading on statins. Although it might not be from the statin. Thought I had better not take any chances. I will let everyone know what is causing the pain. Hopefully I pulled a muscle, pinched a nerve. It could possible arthritis. Who knows. I will continue to take my naproxen and flexeral. Try not to do to much to hurt myself further.


I've got the same thing but I know that I ripped my shoulder out of it's socket in 1970...the pain gets worse as the age goes up (gee, SURPRISE!) It hurts badly lately with any bench pressing or flies. I found ibuprofen helped but then panicked when I read that ibuprofen NEGATED the antiplatelet effect of aspirin.
Since my life depends on no clots on my stent I stopped the ibuprofen immediatedly. Unfortunately even 6 aspirin a day isn't enough analgesia.

One of these days, I'll push for an MRI (never had one) but what always holds me back is the scare from possible debilitating surgery that makes the shoulder worse than it is now...always a rational concern with joint surgery.:eek:

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