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the ratio numbers.

DH and I have both had cholesterol tests done more than once and all was fine (higher ever had in past was once DH 205, me always under 200) but the latest test showed for DH a 222 total ch, LDL of 138 and HDL of 51. So 222 is high, but if i do the ratio LDL/HDL, which i I read is a better indicator of cholesterol related risk, it is more than OK:

138/51=2.7 which is the lowest for risk for heart desease

if I do the total ch/HDL ratio it is:

222/51=4.3 which is less good, but i read that the best ratio to take into consideration is the LDL/HDL one and not the total ch/HDL.

Now I am pregnant instead so my numbers that were always under 200 soared up to: total cholesterol 312 and HDL 103 (didn't test my LDL for some reason). So even with such a high total ch. (it's apparently normal that it highers during PGy) if I do my ratios I am even better off than my DH! Even if I don't know my LDL number lets say that it can't be more than 312-103= 209 (surely VLDL is more than 0!!) but anyway lets say my LDL is 209 here goes the ratio:

LDL/HDL ratio--> 209/103= 2.02

total ch/HDL ratio--> 312/103= 3.02

So in both cases my ratio numbers are the lowest possible for risk for cardiac desease.

So my question is:

Should i disregard the total cholesterol numbers and take into consideration the extremely good ratio numbers both for DH and I or does the total ch.LDL and HDL numbers count also on their own? Or should I take into consideration that the ratio numbers are more than fine and not be worried at all (we both eat a very healthy diet and so was very surprised about the hgiher total ch. especially for DH) I to be honest don't get it and all this a bit confusing.

Thanking in advance all who will reply,


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