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Hi, sorry its been a while here. Been visiting the thyroid boards. I realize most everyone hear has high cholesterol but I have a concern to see if any one has heard about low cholesterol. I was just put on Thyroid medication for hypothyroidism which is generally associated with high cholesterol. Apparently thyroid meds can help lower cholesterol levels by regulating the thyroid.. any how my last cholesterol check in July was
Trig 53 (lab range 38-150)
HDL 46 (lab 40-60)
LDL 63 (0-100)
total cholesterol 120 (lab 128-200)

doc doesn't think i have anything to worry about. i'm wondering if i need a new doctor. obviously i believe the is something else going on. my female hormone levels were all "low normal" also. my thyroid was only slightly elevated and my free t3 and free t4 levels were within the normal ranges.

i thought your liver regulated alot of the cholesterol breakdown from the gallbladder. anyone know if that is correct?


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