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I have been exploring the differences between low fat and high fat diets as they apply to my personal diet. Three years ago, I had an EBCT run and found my Coronary Calcium Score to be at the 87% level for my age (113). I went on a low fat diet (22% fat) and a small 5mg Zocor dose for the next 2 1/2 years. At the 2 1/2 year point, I had a rescan and my score had risen to 177...a pretty large jump of 20% per year. I was concerned to say the very least. My doctor had checked my lipids two times during this period and said all was ok. Obviously, it was not ok most of the time as my LDL was 115 on the day of my second scan.

After the second EBCT scan, I decided to take matters into my own hands and bought a cardio-check unit to do my own cholesterol tests. I lowered the fat in my diet to 17% and increased my Zocor dose to 10mg. For the next 4 months my results averaged TC=140, HDL 58, TG=60, LDL=70. I was very satisfied with these average monthly results, but I felt terrible and was losing too much weight. I couldn't eat enough carbs to keep up with my 35 mile per week running habit. I was Ornished-out.

Four weeks ago, I chucked the low fat diet and went for the 30% fat diet with high monosaturate fat inclusion. I started eating avocado and olive oil like crazy and now physically feel much better. I still avoid most saturated fats. I checked my cholesterol (TWICE) today and here is what I found: TC=155, HDL=80!!!!!, TG=50, LDL=65. My HDL is higher than my LDL!

I could never go back to the low fat diet again. The avocados and olive oil make my food taste great and improve my lipids dramatically. Anyone else get an HDL boost out of avocado?

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