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[QUOTE=georgiehopper]I'm wondering then why he considers me "high risk".

I'm 46, 5'1", weigh 117, run 4 miles a day, and for the most part watch what I eat. My blood pressure is 117/63.

I figured my total cholesterol was borderline high. But he feels otherwise. He is taking the meds himself and said that pretty much everyone will have to take them sooner or later.[/QUOTE]

When I asked my Dr. about the statins he said they are the new "holy water" so to speak. The last couple years it was the Purple Pill and acid refux. You sound pretty healthy to me and I have been told by two doctors(after I lost 30 lbs) that losing weight does not help cholesteral and for some people regardless of what they eat it doesn't work. I would talk to him more and see why he wants you to take them and at what level he wants you at. Remember how they pushed estrogen replacement meds for many years. Talk to him and see if he can convince you. if not don't take them.

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