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The supplement "Cholesterol Success" is available in health food stores and I have seen it in chain drug stores. But if you can, it would really be a good idea to get it off of the internet. Shop around for the prices because I have seen it in stores for as much as $26 a bottle. I have gotten off of the internet for as low as $17. This stuff, like I said actually offers a money back guarantee (obtained through the mail if it does not work). It is just plant sterols which is basically fiber, so very safe.

Oh, one more thing. The more I read about you the more your profile reminds me of myself. I am 48, blood pressure 110/70 and low 120's in weight. Tryglyerides are normal (77) and I run a hight HDL (sometimes as high as 82).
I am not a big meat, egg or cheese eater BUT I am a great one for sweets, especially chocolate and fatty pastries. I can drop my numbers very easily just by staying out of the bakery. My numbers spike in the winter from all the holiday parties and then drop like a stone in the summer because of this.

Also, I used to order my coffee light with half and half. Now I order it with skim milk. It was like going off heroine!! Sounds like no big deal, right. Trust me, it makes a big deal of difference in the numbers!

I also used to eat shrimp because it was low in calories. Shrimp is one of the worst things you can eat when you are watching cholesterol. It is not clear to me whether the problem is caused by dietary cholesterol or saturated fat in the diet but I keep on eye on both just to make sure.

Hope this helps. :wave:

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