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Hi everyone

I had a physical about a week ago. I called the other day to get the results of the blood test. The nurse told me everything looked good. When I asked her what my cholesterol was, she told me that it is 229 and that it is a little high. I haven't been to a doctor in years, but the last time I went to one (different doctor), I remember them telling me my cholesterol was a little high back then too.
Should I be concerned or just ignore it? Anyone who I spoke to about this told me that it is too high and I should go to another doctor.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much for your replies everyone!

I have the fax and the numbers are as follows:

HDL 90
LDL 129
Triglycerides 53

I am not sure how all they came up with the figure of 229. When I add them up, they don't equal that figure.

what are your thoughts on the numbers?

thank you again everyone!!
Believe me, you've got nothing to worry about. Your HDL is fantastic, and you've got rock-bottom triglyceride levels. I think you're in great shape. There's no need for you to concern yourself about having a total cholesterol of 229. By the way, if you want those numbers to add up correctly, you must divide your triglyceride number by 5, and then add that number to your LDL and HDL.

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