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Thank you very much for your replies everyone!

I have the fax and the numbers are as follows:

HDL 90
LDL 129
Triglycerides 53

I am not sure how all they came up with the figure of 229. When I add them up, they don't equal that figure.

what are your thoughts on the numbers?

thank you again everyone!!
Thank you very much for the great news Arizona73!!!

I have one other question. I noticed on the report that there is a "within range" colum and an "outside range" colum. Also, there is a "reference range" colum.

All the numbers that I listed was in the outside range colum.
For example: listed under the "outside range" colum the HDL number is 90 and next to that number is the reference range of 35-55
also, next to the 90 is the letter H. ( I am taking that means high?)

For Triglycerides it has outside range of 53 and next to it has the letter L
In the reference colum it says 66-186 (I am taking the L means low?)

Does the colums have any meanings also?

thank you!!

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