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zip2play - hey you seem to know something - for almost the last year I have been on fish oil - lecithin - baby aspirin as specified to dosages suggested here by others - I have also taken reliv the product for two months straight daily and two days ago I had cholestrol check and its hdl 23 and high number 149 with ratio being 8.3 --- I have lost 30 lbs in last year - and yet this is still a plague to me - the only thing I can come up with is I take seroquel anti psycotic med for anxiety - and I do read that this can mess with cholesterol numbers - but I thought the fish oil and such would off set it - I do try to get out and walk the dog at least a mile when weather permits - I read something you said about cod liver oil making a difference to you - and I have a bottle of the stuff and will begin the tablespoon deal - I have contacted my psychiatrist and requested change of med but my system is kind of picky about what it will tolerate on those realms - pehaps someone else has tolerated seroquel well then switched to something else with no wacko effects - I was on simvastin for awhile but too many leg cramps - now what? oh ya I was told I have a fat pad around heart how do you get rid of fat pad around heart? I take L-lysine every day too.. 3000mgs. vitimin c 3000 mgs also. also I have been taking co q 10 200mgs everyday for eight months.. call from doctor just now hes sending me fluvasatin to start taking,(I will look this up here on board to see what others say of it) I was also on niaspan but could only get up to 750mg level before body said no.

dad massive heart attack at age 53 died on table they brought him back still alive now age 73 - empezemia is what will kill him
mother heart attack at age 65 - shunt put in still alive at age 74
her brother dead from heart attack age 59
her father heart attack dead age 76
dads father heart attack dead age 63

the writing is on the wall for me - no need to worry about nursing home - but I am only 49 now and would like to see another few years at least.. lol gee I guess that is not a foreign thought to the rest of you here.. .

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