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No, don't mix niacin with Zocor. The combination is much more risky. You really need to discuss using niacin as an alternative with your doctor first. Actually, there is a drug that a co-worker of mine is using called Advicor. This is a combination of Niaspan and a statin all in one pill. Of course, his cholesterol was a lot higher than yours, including LDL. His doctor prescribed this particular drug with the aim of lowering TC and LDL with the statin, while raising up the HDL and increasing LDL particle size with the Niaspan. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about it. On these boards, we hear so much about Zocor and Lipitor instead. But this guy said that it actually worked out well for him. His TC and LDL came down, his HDL went up, and his LDL particle size increased. But in your case, your TC and LDL is really not high. It's just that your HDL is low and your triglycerides are high. So, niacin alone may be all that is needed, along with a controlled carbohydrate diet.

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