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Wow, you mean that in 2002 your total cholesterol was only 179, and your LDL was just 107, and you were still put on Zocor? It seems to me that it's not the TC and LDL that needs fixing, but the HDL and triglycerides. Zocor isn't going to do very much for HDL or triglycerides. Yeah, I think niacin would have made much more sense. It is far more effective at raising HDL levels and promoting a favorable shift towards large LDL particle size. Combine niacin with a low-carb diet and exercise and I predict that you will begin to see significant changes for the better. Why not discuss this with your doctor? Remember, your doctor is working for you. You do not work for your doctor. Niaspan, a prescription form of niacin, is out there. He can very easily prescribe that. Personally, from the numbers you've posted, I really don't see how you're much better off.

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