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The high triglycerides with a low HDL is concerning. Is he consuming a lot of refined sugars or alcholic beverages? His trigs and low HDL can definitely be inherited. My brother and I both have had low HDL. My brother can't seem to get his above 25 no matter what he does. My HDL was 32 when it was discovered I had a heart blockage. My trigs were 183 so you can see that the numbers don't have to be way out of line to cause problems with plaque in the arteries. My total cholesterol was 193 at the time and my LDL was about 130. The one thing that I've found best for raising HDL is exercise. I've tried flax seed oil, fish oil, almonds, red wine, niacin and blueberries. I've now got my HDL up to 46 and I believe it is totally due to exercise. It is extremely important that your husband give up the cigarettes. It lowers your HDL and constricts the arteries. Pancreatic cancer is more common in men who smoke. If he can't do it alone Zyban might be helpful. Another name for Zyban is Wellbutrin. At a risk ratio of 11 he is more than 2X as likely to have a coronary event. The risk ratio should be below 4. As far as the VLDL there are small LDL and big fluffy LDL. You want the big fluffy ones. I honestly can't remember what the VLDL should be. He needs to take this very seriously especially since heart disease runs in his family.

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