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I have been trying to find a way to lower my numbers for a couple years, since taking paxil added 40 pounds and shot all my numbers through the roof. Well, I have been off the paxil (now lexapro), lost the weight (now back to my normal 190) and have tried a bunch of supplements, but the numbers still weren't great. UNTIL I tried red yeast rice. It's been almost 1 month (I thought it would take a lot longer) but the results have been incredible. Each day, I take 1200 mg ryr, 4800 mg fish oil and 50 mg coq10:

PRE Red Yeast Rice

TC 213 (high of 259)
Trig 215 (high of 580)
HDL 25
LDL 120

After less than 1 month of RYR:

TC 168 !
Trig (not sure - haven't done fasting test yet... after eating and drinking coffee it was 350 :) )

I also haven't tested HDL or LDL yet - I'm using the bioscanner 2000 between actual lab tests. Anyway, I'm excited about the reduction of total cholesterol. It's never been this low.

I do, however, need to find some way to raise HDL. Mine has always been between 25 and 30 (my father, who is 65 with no heart problems, has also always had HDL around 25 and high triglycerides)

Anyway, has anyone else had this kind of dramatic tc reducation with ryr?


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