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I don't know what to make of the red yeast rice situation, but quite honestly I can see no reason why it should be illegal. Out of curiosity, I read the labels on a few red yeast rice supplements in the Vitamin Shoppe a couple of weeks ago. One brand in particular (Nature's Plus, I think) did state that it was standardized for something at about 1.7%. I don't know. It just doesn't make sense to ban a quality red yeast rice product that contains effective ingredients. After all, even though Niaspan is only available by prescription, they still sell niacin over the counter. That isn't illegal. If a quality red yeast rice product no longer exists, I'll bet that the drug companies had something to do with it.

More confusion:
This is from a 2000 article from Whole Heath MD:
[quote]Because of the FDA withdrawal of red yeast rice, its distributors, NuSkin International, chose to reformulate its product Cholestin by replacing the red yeast rice with other substances, namely plant sterols and stanols and policosanol, which is derived from beeswax and sugar cane. These new ingredients will still positively affect your cholesterol profile, even though red yeast rice is no longer an ingredient of Cholestin. Likewise, NuSkin no longer licenses red yeast rice to other supplement manufacturers, so other products that also once contained red yeast rice no longer do. [/quote]

Again from the same year 2000 article:
[quote]In addition, because of the FDA action, all other manufacturers stopped using red yeast rice, so any supplements containing this effective substance have disappeared. Some people have been able to locate supplies of red yeast rice on the Internet; it is possible that red yeast rice may return some day, but it will require a doctorÝs prescription. But for now, this very effective natural product is history.[/quote]

I always find this troubling: is it real or is it Memorex! Same thing with androstenedione. It was banned effective this spring (2004) but this summer I wandered into Vitamin Shoppe and asked for it. Sure, they had it, but the $50 for the bottle turned me away.
Maybe I should have asked for some "Black Beauties"?? ;) :D)

Does anyone have good current info on the RYR? (or the androstenedione for that matter?)

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