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Re: Res-Q-1250
Aug 28, 2004
I haven't tried them. Do they HAVE to be so cryptic about ingredients and price? Seems Res-Q-1250 is nothing more than high potency Omega-3's but then why do they keep talking up the benefits of Red Rice Yeast...the bottle ingredients don't indicate any.
From what I glean, it costs ABOUT $50 to get a bottle (of maybe 250 caps/tabs) of 700 mg. mixed Omega-3's (EPA + DHA)...or a total of 175 grams active Omega-3's.
My Vitamin Shoppe cod liver oil gets me 923 mg per teaspoon or about 66.5 grams active Omega-3's for $6 In order to get the same 175grams, it would cost me about $16.

I bought some large Fish Oil caps on sale at the A&P this week (Nature Made) giving me 72 grams total for $ that gives me the 175 grams for $11.

The Res-Q-1250 is just too expensive for my taste (and I resent the vaguely false advertising about it...smells FISHY to me :D:D)

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