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[LEFT]I think I can come as close to a one man lab study with the use of Policosanol as anyone. My personal experience is that it does not work.

I have suffered with relatively high cholesterol for many years. I have always exercised quite vigourously, three to four times a week (running -than later walking with a three to four times a week regiment of stairmaster and free weights. My blood pressure is excellent. I was and am in good physical condition. My cholesterol untreated has been consistently around 255 to 260. HDL vs LDL usually consistent with a lot of exercise - not bad and not good.

About two years ago, at the age of 58, my doctor to be on the safe side, prescribed one of the statins ( Pravachol with a daily dosage of 40mg. No doubt it was effective. My cholesterol fell to 190 within three months. However I felt I was suffering from one of the major side effects with the statins, ie. muscular pains and cramping. I did not like the idea of taking this medication but decided to go half way and reduced my dosage to 20 mg of Pravachol a day. My cholesterol climbed to 205 - but for me I was satisfied
however I still felt I was suffering from muscle cramping.

Last December, after having blood work done twice in the same week with my cholesterol measuring between 205 and 210 I decided to dispense with Pravachol and give Policosanol a try. I waited three weeks after stopping the Pravachol and then started taking two 10mg doses of Policosanol a day for three months and two weeks. (The product I took was the most highly rated and reliable according to Consumer Labs.Com) My diet was basically identical as when I was on Pravachol and my exercise routine was the same as well.

The results -

While still taking Policosanol and after taking it for over three months I had blood work done again at the same lab as in the past. During the time I was on this natural medication, I never missed taking Policosanol each evening as directed nor did I ever deviate from my previous eating or exercise habits.

My cholesterol had shot back up to 260 with no benefit to my HDL and no reduction to my LDL. Triglycerides were esentially the same as the lab results prior to taking Pravachol

The bottom line for me was Policosanol just did not work - period. :confused:[/LEFT]

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