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I had the very same pain in my right front thigh when on Zocor 10mgs. I had taken the drug for a couple of years before this started in. The pain became so bad that I could not stand to even walk unless I had pressure on it. So I put an Ace bandage on it and that helped some, not much, but some. I had all the tests as well looking for blocked arteries in my legs and then the ultrasound for blood clots. They were all fine. The pain then went into other areas of my body , my neck, under my ribs , in the other leg, in my arms, just all over. I stopped Zocor immediately and tried Lipitor, same pains that never let up. I stopped the Lipitor too and of course my cholesterol went right back up. I cannot help it , I will just have to take my chances with the high cholesterol as I see no point in having low cholesterol if you can't even move. It took at least 6 mos. for all the pain to go away and even then I would feel a twinge in that right thigh muscle for several more months. It was the first pain, the worst pain and the last to go. I will never take statins again . Good luck to you. Lia

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