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I hope that your doctor at least advised you to take Coenzyme Q10, especially since you are on such a high dose of Lipitor. These drugs have a tendency to deplete CoQ10 levels, and when that happens you are much more likely to run into problems. But I'll bet he didn't. Am I right?[/QUOTE]

No he didn't, and I remember reading something about that, but can't recall. I'll look into it. I didn't mention I guess, but I do take Zetia already as well, and did so when I was taking 80mg of Pravachol.

My last reading at that dosage was:
182total 93ldl 39hdl 252trig

Nothing to write home about.

I don't know if any of you folks here have FCH as I do, but so far the drugs I've been on have not produced miracles. I have on a low fat diet for sometime, although I've been known to get off of it after seeing the awful results of my cholesterol tests. I've been under treatment for three years and I've never been able to get my LDL below 93, and the lowest my Total to HDL ratio has ever been is 4.7. I hope you guys are right and Lipitor behaves in some magic way that Pravachol didn't.

Recently though I've significantly lowered my intake of sugar as I finally figured out that I have metabolic syndrome as well. That may have been impeding my HDL levels. We'll see.


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