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I'm AMAZED at your stamina, Mark. I wish I had the OOOMPH to try so low-fat a diet as Ornish or even Stillman...but lord, I love meat and cheese.

I am pretty sure that the results of the 40 mg. Lipitor and 10 mg. zetia will blow you away especially combined with your fastidious dieting.

I envy you the drink a day...for me it's either 0 drinks or a pint of Gibsons.

I think I share your Famial hperlipidemia...My poor mother tried so hard just before statins were developed to get her cholesterol to decent results with absolutely no luck...and she died of progressive heart disease in spite of skim milk, egg whites, no cheese, a beer a day, and a life of low body weight. Without statins I'd be facing her fate.

Continued good luck to you...and I'll keep your post for inspiration:D:D.

BTW, depending on how you look at it there's not a lot of difference here [quote]182 total 93 LDL 39 HDL 252 triglycerides

After two solid years under doctor care, and working hard to improve diet and exercise...I was EXACTLY where I started in terms of MI risk given that my total to HDL ratio was only marginally changed.

My doctor then doubled the Pravachol to the max dosage of 80mg along with the zetia. Here are the results from 2 weeks ago:

178 total 113 HDL 34 HDL 157 trigs[/quote]
(I presume you mean 113 LDL in the second group) You've simply traded VLDL for LDL with similar risk, since that drop in Triglycerides off 95 equals about minus 19 VLDL and compares with the +20 LDL...I hope a bit clearer than mud:D

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