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I believe Tricor is a fibrate, and with all the whiz bang over statins, it isn't prescribed as much these days. Its not as effective at lowering LDL, but is more effective at lowering triglycerides.

Personally, if I had to go off of statins, I'd take a stab at niacin...and before Rahod gets his two cents in, I'd add in a zetia chaser. Zetia is also all the rage these days because it has fewer side effects than statins. Niacin at high levels has some side effects, but if they become too bad they are apparently quite reversable when you go off of it.

Has your doctor discussed diet at all? Probably not much, but hopefully he mentioned that you should severely reduce your intake of saturated fat, and of course cholesterol.

Hunt around the forum and you'll find some interesting advice.

Rather than taking another drug, have you looked really hard at your diet? With a triglyceride level of 273 (was that a fasting test?), your main problem is carbohydrates in your diet rather than the fat. Those kind of triglyceride numbers are usually the result of excess sugar and other refined carbohydrate consumption (primarily white bread, pastries, cookies, crackers, and other foods made with enriched wheat flour). And if you are a man, fructose (from fruits, fruit juice, and soft drinks due to the high fructose corn sweetener) has been shown to significantly raise triglyceride levels. Other things to avoid are foods containing trans-fats from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils since these tend to raise LDL levels while simultaneously lowering HDL levels (your HDL looks pretty good by the way).

Have you considered a low carbohydrate diet? I'm talking one that focuses on whole natural foods rather than one relies on all of these new low-carb franken foods on the grocery shelves. I've been on a low carb diet for over 5 years now. My triglycerides are 1/4 of what that were before I started this diet. And my HDL is 50% higher.

Another thing is exercise - just do it - both cardio and resistance training. Both help to burn excess glucose before it can get converted to triglycerides in the liver, but resistance training has been shown to significantly improve insulin sensitivity which further helps to get that glucose burned rather than converted to triglycerides.


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