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A bit more info: I am of normal height/weight (5 ft 5, 115 pounds), 35 yrs, but do very little exercise. I KNOW that needs to be remedied, but does that affect trig values?

Heidi :confused:[/QUOTE]


I don't think that one answer can apply to everyone in this case. I can low carb it (well almost no carb at the time) and put my fasting TG to about 80 unmedicated. Currently, I exercise daily (running) and eat anywhere from 300-450 g carbs daily, and my fasting TG have been in the 30-50 mg/dL range (unmedicated again) ever since I have been doing this kind of intense exercise. Prior to effecting any changes, I was about 70 lbs heavier, never exercised, and overate to an extreme--my fasting TG was > 600 mg/dL unmedicated.

In my case, it seems that exercise plus a minor contribution from weight (or moreso body fat percentage) seems to determine my TG levels. Others can achieve great success only by controlling the carb intake, and exercise impacts their values little.

This is unrelated to your question, but more an afterthough to Zip's post on the TG level after meals. When I have my fasting TG taken, I have already run at least 5K prior to that blood draw--that is part of my morning routine. I just skip eating breakfast until after the blood draw. I can't help but wonder if that reduces my TG to an artificially low result, and perhaps I truly have a TG in the 80 mg/dL range (similar to what it was prior to taking up running). I suppose that I could set about trying to confirm this by skipping the run in the morning, prior to the blood draw, and going for an afternoon instead....

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