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[QUOTE=arkie6]. [B]Besides, statins have little effect on triglyceride levels [/B] and that is the only component you have that could be considered abnormal. And statins are not without risks themselves - just take a look at the postings on this board or do a search for [statin risk]. Of particular concern is CoQ10 depletion.

Good luck in your search for information.


Statins actually have a significant effect on lowering TRIGS, especially Lipitor and Crestor....I can't recall the exact# but I think it's over 20% (?). Now, I'm not advocating using statins as a *first line* strategy, but in fact, they DO reduce TRIGS significantly. Secondly, on Q-10..... True, but no one really has a good handle on the *Q-10 issue* and statins. In any event, I take a highly soluble form of Q-10 with my Crestor and would advise all those who take a statin to do so as well.

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