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[QUOTE=BiBi57]My last cholestero l check was very high (315) despite a half-way healthy diet. My GP put me on Crestor for two months and I haven't had it checked yet because of lack of insurance,etc. Can I safely assume my cholesterol has gone down? How long should a person be on Crestor before it shows results? I am somewhat scared of this drug because of all the negative information on it. It is so new. Any comments about this drug?[/QUOTE]

In my opinion this is by FAR the best statin around. It has the greatest efficacy per dosage than any other...and in my opinion has LESS side effects. I have taken Crestor for 5 months and lowered my cholestrol from 250 to 170 with NO SIDE EFFECTS..using only 8 mg ave daily dose (I split the pill every other day). You should DEFINITELY get a blood test for LIVER FUNCTION as well as's not that expensive and you only need to do it once a year after the first test..which you need to take as soon as possible. I recently went to a full pill every day (10 mg) and added a half dose of Zetia as well. The cholesterol fell another 30 pts to 140!

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