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Please carefully reconsider your decision to take a statin. Read the following report, but you'll have to "fix" the link by removing the spaces I installed on either side of the A . Change "N A P" to "NAP". [url]http://www.weston[/url] a .

Close friend of mine took Lipitor for three years and had muscles issues sneak up on him to the point where any strenious exercise is impossible. Statins INCREASE your chances of dying of heart failure. According to the HPS statin study, which had 20,500+ participants over FIVE YEARS, there was very little improvement in the number of deaths due to heart attacks. After five years, 87.1% of the statin takers were still alive, due to ANY cause. BUT, 85.4% of the placebo takers were still alive. The way I was taught to do math, that is only a 1.7% improvement, which is statistically insignificant. You'll hear claims that statins are safe, low incidence of side affects, yada, yada, yada. Some rediculous 30,000 people were kicked out of the HPS study, because they suffered side effects in the first six weeks! In the HPS study, 577 statin sufferers died from heart attack, yet, 701 of the placebo takers died from heart attacks. Out of 20,500+, there is a 124 difference in mortality due to heart attacks. That's 25 per year. Dr. Golomb is doing a government funded side effect study and so far most people in the study are suffering muscle issues, and some 30% are having cognitive issues. Do you want to wake up one day and not be able to be active?

Statins causes a reduction in the important muscle enzyme CoQ10. What muscle out of any other requires energy, your heart. There has been a recent marked increase in cardiac failure.

You are WAY too young to be stuck taking drugs for the rest of your life, especially a drug that is proven to cause dibilitating muscle damage.

Look at your diet first, paying attention to how many carbs you eat on a daily basis. Your higher risk is with the triglycerides and those are strictly controlled by carbs. Look at the nutrition information at the fast food outlets, read the labels, and try to figure out how to get to 30 per day. It's difficult but obtainable. I'm personally closer to 50-60 carbs per day. Eliminate potatoes, potato chips, sugar especially in beverages, cookies, cake, pies, etc. IF you're going to have a sandwich, make it from grain bread. Watch the alcohol intake. Start taking an Omega supplement and/or fish oil. Restest after six months and see if you have reduced the Triglycerides. Increasing activity will increase your HDL's.

Read the report on the link I provided, read the lipitor BBS, do a search on Lipitor problems, Lipitor isses, statin side effects, etc. Lipitor's own ad says that Lipitor has not been proven to reduce the incidence of heart disease or heart attacks. THEIR OWN AD! There are some that believe that Crestor is worse the Lipitor. Like I said before, you are way to young to begin taking a life time of pills. Good luck in your research.
There are lots of pros and cons for/against statins (and the cons are definitely something to be afraid of!). I myself have gotten better results on my lipids with supplements. I used to take Lopid (Lopid is not a statin) for years and then decided to try supplements due to the fact that Lopid GREATLY increases your risk of cancer. I didn't really expect to get better results with them, but I have. I take Policosanol 20mg a day and Guggulipid 750 mg a day. I posted on another thread with this info, but forgot to put that I am also taking Pantethine (great for trigs) and TMG. There are some combination products with these supplements in them so you don't have to take a handful of pills every day. Some people are having success with red yeast rice, but it carries with it some of the same cons that statins do (muscle problems and lowering coQ10 levels). I have also read some info on Crestor showing the many cases of muscle damage and kidney damage from it. Just some info to think over.

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