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the family history is a strong indicator that you have to do something. I'm just not convinced that statins are the answer.

WRT being too young, the statins have a cummulative affect on side effects, meaning the longer you are on them, the greater risk of obvious side effects. It's the not obvious stuff that scares me, like the muscle weakening. What if ten years from now, your heart is so weak from CoQ10 depletion, you can't recover from a heart attack. Too many people are having too many dibilitating side effects. Go to and read some of the problems people have with lipitor. My close friend who is 44 can't even engage in physical activities with his 16 yo son. His muscles hurt with any attempt at strenious exercise. That is a way too common side effect, and it snuck up on him over three years. He didn't realize how bad it was becoming until he couldn't run a short distance without serious leg pain. In retrospect, the problem was slowly getting worse. At your extremely young age, having to deal without physical activity would be a real shame. You may be one of the millions without any noticable side effect, but there has not been any studies done beyond 5ish years. I said this in another thread, but dad passed away last year and he's been on statins for years, and on Lipitor for about 4+ years. After he had his heart attack, I asked him why he didn't exercise. He said because it hurt... BTW, he died of heart failure a few days later. HPS data shows there's an increased risk of heart failure.

My own personal survey of MD friends showed a mixed bag of support (or rejection) of statin's. Even within the medical community, there are plenty of Dr's who will not prescribe statins. PLEASE, carefully research this before taking statin's, especially Lipitor, but at a minimum take a gel CoQ10 supplement. Good luck!

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