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[QUOTE=LV40]I had 'off-the-charts' triglyceride levels about 4 months ago. Actually they're STILL very high, even though I've cut them in half and have brought my cholesterol level down to normal (191) just through diet and exercise alone. My doctor prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs for me but I refused to take them and decided to try and get my cholesterol down on my own without the pills. Well, so far I've succeeded and things are looking much better, but I still have to cut my trigs by about another 300 points. Yes, they're high, they're now 461 but they USED to be 814.

Anyway, I've been taking fish oil 3 times a day since June. My current dosage is 1000 mg with the EPA being 180 and the DHA 120. Should I continue on with this dosage or would upping the mg's help a little more with the trigs? What dosage is best?

Thanks :)[/QUOTE]

You should be taking a NET total of 2000 mg EPA/DHA (vs your 300 mg now).
There are more concentrated pills available (Carlson for example) that have 500mg DHA/EPA per 1000mg capsule. That would be FOUR of those per day.

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