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I had high cholesterol a year ago and was put on statin drugs. They worked two weeks my cholesterol was within acceptable ranges...all types! But, within three months I was having aches and pains all over my body (legs, back, neck, etc). When it moved into my lower back (where kidneys 'live'), I stopped taking them and my cholesterol was back to dangerous levels within a couple of weeks! Yikes! What to do?

Well, I needed to lose weight and happened on the low carb info at about this time. I started on the South Beach Diet in early August. This diet is a HEALTHY diet that cuts simple carbs and adds in whole grain carbs while recommending lower fat consumption....GOOD fats like olive oil and canola oil are ok. I have lost over 15 lbs. and today got my new cholesterol report.

Here are my #'s...

Total Chol. 249
Triglyc 167
HDL 44
LDL 172

Total Chol. 208
Trigly 105
HDL 45
LDL 142

Ok, these numbers aren't ideal, but they are MUCH better! I understand that continuing on my diet is important, but not likely to improve my numbers much more. I've gotten all the benefit I can expect to get from diet.

So, I have agreed to try Zetia. Anyone else on Zetia? Zetia I know is given with statins sometimes, but is anyone taking Zetia alone? What side effects have you experienced? I have done some reading and it looks like Zetia has minimal side effects. Is that what you believe too?

Any info anyone can share on Zetia will be MUCH appreciated! And, if I'm wrong about diet and how long it may take to show full effects from changing it, let me know that too! I need all the info I can get!

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