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Not much to worry about. I'm at your same levels with statins and I'm only 31! I would however caution you to watch it. Look your not going to get a heart attack (from your current lipid levels) in the next week or so :) . You are in a sense lucky that you may have discovered a trend early on. I'm not a doctor but would recommend you do the following:

1. Get another reading (This time Fast!). You should fast for 10 hours each time you get tested in order to be consistent. You may have skewed your results.

2. Ask your parents and any siblings if they have had any issues. There are two types of individuals with high cholesterol; genetic and poor habits. The Genetic side is by far a bigger population. You probably know people who can eat 20 cheese burgers, and have total cholesterol in the 140's. You are obviously not one of them and deal with it you never will be!

3. #2 isn't saying diet won't work. In fact it's the second best natural thing you can do. That being said, living on salads and (non shell fish) sushi, is not living, so there is a give and take, the question is how much give and take you want to live with. Since you are at the high end of a normal lipid level (or the low end of the risky levels) eating can make a difference.

4. #1 way to lower cholesteral is exercise. I find when I start exercising (which unforutnately is a three month spurt because I usually take it to an extreme and hurt myself and end up starting all over again). You will shed cholesterol numbers. All you need to do is get your heart rate pumping for 30 minutes four times a week. I bet this alone will drop you into the 170 total number. Also may shed a few unwanted pounds.

5. This message board kills the statins - I don't share their view. You shouldn't use statins until you have exhausted all natural remedies. I am currently exploring the idea of using policosonal. If you end up exercising and eating right, trying a few vitamins, etc.. etc... and you cholesterol remains over 200 (total). You may want to explore this. If you are like me, you will find that the total level of cholersterol may end up sticking (no pun intended) as you get older. When I was 25 I had a level of over 300. I brought it down naturally to 186. However that 186 was basically eating nothing for 6 months (except sushi). I also had a massive exercise regiment that could have trained me back into wrestling competition. (I ended up dropping my body fat to under 8%). Offcourse this couldn't last (I'm a CPA not a trainer), and my cholesteral slowly went back up to about 260-270 level. I am convinced without the statins (my 5'8, 165 pound body would be at about 390!).

6. If you end up on statins don't panic, they are probably not going to hurt you. Once you go on them you should have your liver functions tested every 6 months and no longer than one year. If everything is normal (which is the case for about 99% of patients), congrats medical science and those mean drug companies extended your life. If you have adverse reactions, then you need to visit other options.

7. In summary don't panic you are probably a tweek away from being fine, if things don't improve as you get older there are many options thanks to medical science. Don't be afraid to try natural things, they can't hurt. I dropped my cholesteral from 286 to 178 about a year ago. Dr. upped my dosage but I told him to hold off for 3 months as I wanted to try some other things (Losing 15 pounds a little exercise and taking every vitamin under the sun along with 20mg of provachol) After I got tested again Dr. said continue what you are doing. (off course I didn't and things got worse). The point here is you can do a lot naturally, if you are more consistent than I am this will be a great asset to you.. There are many options out there to fix this, all I can say is moniter the problem and don't stress out (that also causes cholesteral problems!).

Good luck for a healthy life!

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