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Wow, thank you all for the info! I suspect I am correct in assuming that brown rice and chicken are essentially a heathy alterantive to my usually crapola diet. As a father of two young girls I am really starting to heed my doctors advice about my cholesterol levels and such. My last test was 220 total with a real low "good" choleserol and real high (I think 200+) trigs. Since starting to eat a "healthier" diet which consist of lots of brown rice, chicken, veggie burgers and veggie chicken patties, whole wheat pitas, and cutting WAY down on my cheese, which I REALLY REALLY love, I have lost about 15 pounds and I think I feel a "little" better. I also eat more oatmeal for a snacks and try to eat at least one whole fruit/veggie a day, like an apple, pear, or salad. How long do you all think I should wait before a re-test? Im planning on calling my doc to schedule it soon, its been about 3 months.

EDIT-- I think the high Trigs was a fluke becuase they have never been above 50 or 60 before. I may have drank some alcohol a day or so before the test.

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