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[QUOTE=rstarre]If I maintain a low fat diet, not eating any pork, beef, eggs or any fried foods, my count was still high. [/QUOTE] When we deprive our bodies of fat and cholesterol, our bodies compensate by making the cholesterol it needs. The brain needs cholesterol for memory and learning. So if you've experienced short term memory loss recently, statins are to blame. Just do a search on "statin side effect"..... the response is overwhelming.

[QUOTE=rstarre]I could not tell if the statin drugs were causing my muscle pain or the Fibro. I have Fibromyalgia also. [/QUOTE] Statin side effects definitely include muscle aches and pains. That's just the tip of the iceburg. Glad you stopped statins.

[QUOTE=rstarre]I bought Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil and Cholest-Off [A natural cholesterol lowering pill that is made of plant sterols].[/QUOTE] Both Flax and Fish Oils are high in Omega 3 EFA's [essential fatty acids]. Benefits of Omega 3's:
- lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels
- stabilizes irregular heart beat (arrhythmia)
- reduces blood pressure

[QUOTE=rstarre]I am going to add Red Yeast Rice to the mix and see what happens with my next test.[/QUOTE] I took one 600mg capsule of RYR for 6 months. I also lost 30 lbs during that time period. My LDL dropped from 162 to 90. My trig's and HDL stayed the same. Trig's are always right around 100 and HDL around 60.

Even though RYR is a natural statin, it is still a statin and can cause all the same side effects as prescription statins.

If you decide to take RYR, you should take Coenzyme Q10 [CoQ10] at the same time; at least 50mg to 100mg. Any type of statin depletes your own CoQ10. CoQ10 is an essential enzyme that is found in every cell in the body.

[QUOTE=rstarre]So there is hope for us people that can't take statin drugs.[/QUOTE] DEFINITELY :)

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