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[QUOTE=jtu91952]I've used the promegrante juice and the fruit in my diet. I also have added artichoke extract, Fiber One cereal, take control spread. My tc was 337 now 298. Recently took a new bloodwork and pending the results. I am allergic to statins so i can't take them. Zetia also caused me problems.[/QUOTE]

I am a big believer that things are better in their natural form, so if I can find the juice, I will go with that. How much do you usually drink of the juice, and how often? I am the only one in my household who is watching what they eat(my husband thinks if he doesn't know anything is wrong with him, there won't be-i.e. he won't go to the doctor), so I have to buy my own "stuff". Does that Take Control spread have the statins in it?( I think that's the right term). :confused: I am presently using I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray. It doesn't really help my situation, but it doesn't worsen it either. I only use olive oil whenever possible, too. I only need to drop 50 points for sure, so hopefully behaving myself will help-along with some extra help from antioxidants. I've got 4 months before my next test, so I have time to get a regimen down. Hope your test results give you good news.

Thanks for the info.

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