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I'm a 28-yr old male, no pre-existing conditions, not obease. But family history includes all cardiovascular disease on both sides. Diagnosed with High Choles about 1 month ago.

Since that month my daily regimen has been:
- Morning bowl of oatmeal
- 1 teaspoon of high quality Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
- 100mg CoQ10
- 10mg Crestor
- Multivitamin
- Low carb intake (no pastas), limited sugar intake (drinks, desserts), increase of tofu, vegetables.

Here are my results: (!!!)

Before After
Total 232 113
Tri 301 105
HDL 47 52
LDL 161 55
ALT N/A 45(!)

Looks like a drastic change. I couldn't believe it. Now I'm thinking, could I do this without Crestor? or with a limited dose?

BTW, I have'nt had any side effects. No aching anywhere even after I exercise. But my head does feel fuzzy sometimes. Is this a side effect?

***My MAIN question is this***: I want to reduce my Crestor dosage. Can I just take it 3 times week(M, W, F)? Or should start pill splitting? Is either more/less effective? In addition after changing my dosage, I was planning on taking another test 1 month from now.

Thanks for any advice from people who have self-reduced.

- chris

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