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[QUOTE=elsie3205]I am a 47 yr. old female, physically active, 5'3" 105 pds. I've had high cholesterol for years. My father has had two bypass surgeries, one at the age of 55 and again at 75. I tried statins several years ago and they caused severe muscle and joint pain and I was forced to go off of them. I recently tried zetia and it caused horrific stomach pain. My latest blood work was :Total chol: 269
LDL: 180
HDL: 77
Trig: 19
Any suggestions? Do you think I should try the red yeast rice? I can't take fish oil, even the coated fisol does not keep away the fish burps. I am taking flax seed oil and I eat a heart healthy diet and try to eat salmon and tuna a couple times a week. I exercise every day mainly walking for atleast an hour. Thanks in advance for your input.[/QUOTE]

Too bad statins and Zetia give you problems. Your #s along with the family history requires an LDL well below 100. Fish oil will only lower the TRIGS...are you sure your TRIG is 19 :eek: ..never heard of a # that low (mine are around 75...UNDER 150 IS ACCEPTABLE). If diet isn't working, I would try a HALF dose of the statin Crestor (5 mg) daily, which is as effective as 20 mg Zocor. Also, add q10 (100mg daily) with the statin. If you continue to have muscle pain, then try 5mg every other day.

Good luck

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