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I have been lurking around this newsgroup and this topic for awhile now and appreciate all the help and advice that you guys have given. I am going to see my doctor again next Tuesday since I had my most recent blood tests last week. He knew his schedule was booked so he wanted me to see ANY doctor in his office asap...never a good sign...

Anyway, I am 39, 6'1, 185 lbs. 17% body fat and both my parents have high cholesterol. I run 4-6 miles 2 to 3 times a week and my work out routine consists of 5 sets of 130 push ups, 5 sets of 50 lb curls, 15 reps, a whole bunch of sit ups and other exercises. My resting heart rate is 55 and my BP is 130/85. I don't smoke.

My dad a cardio event last year at age 68. He had an illiatic anuerysym (sp) and upon further tests they found that his left coronal artery was completely plugged but had been bypassed by veins.

My mom has extremely high cholesterol and she, as well as my dad, are both on statins.

Anyway, it's been awhile since I looked at my last numbers but they are something like this:

TC: 345
HDL: 62
Trigs: 275
I forgot what my ldl is but I know that it can be figured out from what I have listed.

I just had my first test in June of this year.

My doctor initailly just wanted me to try 1500 mg of Niacin a day but I told him that I wanted to try statins.

After ten days of 10 mg of Lipitor, I won't be taking statins again. The joint pain was so bad that my whole exercise routine was completely undoable.

So I have been taking the Niacin since but apparantely it's not working to well since he wanted to see me asap.

I don't eat any refined sugars at all but my diet is not the best. Before my blood test I always thought that if I kept the weight down and the activity up, I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted. Anyway, I just wanted to change or try one thing at a time so I pretty much just kept eating whatever I wanted since my last blood test.

I guess the good news is that both my parents are still alive and are actually doing real well for their age. My dad's cholesterol is under 200 now.

So what would you suggest that I ask my Dr. prescribe me? He has never steered me wrong and has always been spot on with his diagnosis. I thought that maybe I would try Zetia.

From looking at some of Dr Mercola opinions, I think that if I can get my total down to 280 and keep my hdl where it's at, I might be okay. I don't know what to do about the trigs.

Anyway, I just hate thinking about the next Dr's appointment but I do value your advice. I guess this is just a way of venting for me...

Thanks in advance

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