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Congratulations! I am so happy for you! That is good progress, and I'm sure as you continue, you'll be able to make further improvements.

I wish I were able to do the same. Unfortunately, I do have several other risk factors. My doctor had been making noises about gettting me on statins for several years, but I resisted. My TC was 275 in 2001, 260 in 2002, 247 in 2003. Those drops were with dietary changes alone. However, my diet had been fairly good to begin with (low saturated fats, moderate soluble fiber) so I didn't see great changes. Because I had other major concerns at that time, I simply wasn't ready to really get serious about working on getting my cholesterol down until the past year. My doctor was willing to go along with my idea of taking Niacin, rather than a statin, and starting out with the smallest amount possible and adding only as much as necessary to bring my numbers down further. And further improvements in my diet (primarily increased soluble fiber, less dietary cholesterol) has become an important component of the plan as well.

I'm now taking 750 mg. sustained release Niacin, about half of the amount that is normally prescribed. I haven't had my blood test on this level yet, but the total cholesterol was down to 202 with just 500 mg. Niacin and the other figures were good, so I'm hopeful. The way I see it, if one HAS to take drugs, taking the lowest dose possible should at least have lower risk of side effects.

But hurrah! to anyone able to do it with diet alone. :bouncing:

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