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The reason I am so excited by these numbers is because at one time my total was 325.

Also the last time I went on a cholesterol lowering diet, here are the numbers from that experiment.

Before beginning the diet:

total 287
LDL 201
HDL 72
Trig 71
total / HDL ratio 3.9

After 2 months
Total was 219
LDL 140
HDL 54
Trig 120
Total/HDL ratio 4.1

These numbers thoough considerably lower were actually worse than before I began the diet. My doctor was happy. I thought the numbers were awful.

I expected a rise in trigs because when you drop down to less than 10 grams of fat you have to replace that fat with something. The first time I replaced it purely with carbohydrates - hence a 50 point spike in the trigs. This time I replaced the fat with primarily protein to maintain a low trig level. 84 is a lot better than I was expecting proving that the answer is the balancing of protein and carbohydrates so that no one value get too out of whack.

I'm not interested in a total cholesterol of 150 but I actually think that after remaining on this diet for a year it will probably get there.

The goal is to stay off statins. This was my last chance to escape. Oh I am so happy! :bouncing:

To make matters worse the HDL dropped like a stone so the ratio with the improved total was actually putting me at a higher risk of heart disease.

I think a drop from 177 to 130 in less than 90 days without drugs is remarkable!! And my doctor agrees. And a ratio of 3.5 puts me in a low risk category from a moderate risk category.

Remember I have no other risk factors. And I have never felt better in my life.

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