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[QUOTE=jtu91952]Heart44, how do i get copies of my tests? I ask and the dr got suspicious and said i didn't need them. I wanted them for a second opinion bcuz she said they could tell if i had any heart damage from the nuclear imaging. (see hbp board posting)[/QUOTE]Hi jtu, Refusing to give you copies of your test results is a NO NO. You are entitled to copies of any test and their results. Most doctors require that you sign a release to obtain copies, but that is just to cover their butts.

And if you want to get a second opinion, it's none of your doctor's business! I swear, some of these docs think they are God and know all the answers. Well they don't. Most of us are more informed about drug side effects and nutrition then they are. If your doc is suspicious, maybe there is good reason.

Everytime either my husband or I have tests [lipid, bone density, PAP] I get a copy to keep in our respective folders. I have copies of most lipid tests for my husband all the way back to 1996, when he had quad bypass at age 52.

Our doctor [PCP] flipped out this week, as we informed him hubby was no longer taking statins. We stopped due to serious cognitive problems my husband is experiencing following 8 yrs of statins. PCP maintains statins could NOT POSSIBLY cause cognitive problems. We requested more thorough lipid profile like VAP, and PCP reluctantly signed the script saying it wouldn't prove anything. Doc's nurse administered a 5 minute 'memory test'. Hubby flunked.
Doc came back in with his tail between his legs and handed us a referral to a neurologist.

And I have to tell you, this is classic. PCP's and cardio's mess us up with all their drugs, then we get shipped off to the neurologist to clean up mess.

It's time for hubby & I to go shopping for a doctor that can correct the damage done by 8 years of statins, both muscle [pain and atrophe] and cognitive [TGA - transient global amnesia, short term memory & AF - amaurosis fugax/monocular vision distortion].

The new doctor might be a neurologist or a cardio that will define exactly what type of cholesterol issue we need to be concerned about or not be concerned about. People with excellent cholesterol levels drop dead of heart attacks because it is blood clots that cause heart attacks, not high choleterol. And most doctors today just don't get it. They are just too mono-focused on statins and cholesterol lowering. The only benefit that statins possess is their anti-inflamatory properties. There are many nutrients that reduce inflamation and without side effects.

Sorry to go off the subject, but we're still rather upset about how our doctor did not hear anything we said once we mentioned stopping statins.

I highly recommend that you read Dr Duane Gravelines book, "Lipitor - Thief of Memory and the misguided war on Cholesterol".


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